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You're Dog May Need A Canine Psychology Expert...

Dog owners struggle every day with their dog's behavioral issues. You love your dog, you hired a trainer (in some cases more that one trainer) to try to improve your dog's behavioral issues. Your dog continues to misbehave. What most people do not understand is that basic obedience training does not solve behavior problems. At the end of the day, what good does it do that your dog has a perfect 'sit' if he is misbehaving? 

A lot of trainers will tell you that a certain behavior has no solution. This makes a lot of people give up from frustration. The frustration leads families to have to take their dogs to a shelter or in the worst scenarios to put the dog down (euthanasia). But the truth of the matter is, that curtailing obsessions, resource possession, and other types of compulsive misbehaviors requires more than a dog trainer. It requires knowing and understanding dog psychology and a behavior specialist. 

At Casper's Camp Hope, we save dogs' lives! We believe in the potential of every dog to be a GOOD boy (or girl). Our training, at home camp, is a 4-6 week board and train, with a program specifically targeted to each specific dog's needs. Because as children, no two dogs are alike. That is why our training is unique, it's catered, specialized, and individualized. Please, don't give up on your underdog. He is part of your family and deserves one last chance. Casper's Camp Hope, helping the underdog thrive!

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Casper's Camp Hope 
Your best friend's second chance!

At Casper's Camp Hope, our home environment board and train cater to each dog's individual needs. Our training is never cookie-cutter. No one size fits all training. Your dog is unique and so are his behavior problems, so we work with the issue in our own home. Our training is one-on-one, daily training, and daily socialization with all of our dogs, who themselves are trained, balanced and stable dogs. During your dog's stay, he becomes part of the pack (family), lives indoors in a temperature control environment that teaches your dog to calm down and chill inside the home while establishing the play and exercise for the outdoors. This unique experience helps your dog to socialize with other stable dogs that will teach your dog, manners and to live in harmony with others. Keep in mind that dogs also learn from their peers, this is a natural behavior modeling that starts with their siblings' litter pack since the day the dog is born. Dogs naturally also learn by imitating other dogs. Therefore it is imperative that your dog only imitates good behaviors from stable dogs.

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canine behavior rehabilitation
Helping the underdog thrive!

Welcome. We’re Casper's Camp Hope, your best friend's second chance... We Specialize in, Severe Dog Human reactivity, Severe Dog To Dog reactivity, Resource Possession, Compulsive Behaviors, Destructive Behavior, Territorial Issues, Excessive Barking. Don't give up... we take over when other trainers fail! We firmly believe that every dog can be a good dog! Does your dog need some manners? Does he ignore you in the park, pull on the leash, rush at and jump on guests, chew furniture, bark incessantly? These are just a few of the things we can help you with! 

Family Dog Training: Does your dog need to learn how to behave, greet people politely, and walk nicely on a leash?  Did you just adopt a dog or puppy and need help with house-training?  We can help!
Therapy Dog Training: Therapy dogs help people feel better while they're in the hospital, sit with children learning to read, and provide comfort to the elderly at retirement homes.
Service Dog Training: Service dogs provide assistance to people with medical issues.  We teach dogs to help you with your anxiety and/or PTSD.  Learn more about service dog training by clicking the red button below.  
Service Dog Consulting: Do you own a restaurant or business frequented by service dogs?  Learn your rights and responsibilities as a business owner as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Click below to learn more.  

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With The Right Help, All Dogs Can Be Good Dogs!

We Specialize in, Severe Dog Human Reactivity, Severe Dog To Dog Reactivity, Resource Possession/Guarding, Compulsive Behaviors, Destructive Behavior, Territorial Issues, Excessive Barking, Basic Obedience Training And High-Level Training Including; Off-leash Walking and Protection. We Also Train Service Dogs For Different Client's Needs.

Send us a message with a brief explanation and we will get back to you. Casper's Camp Hope, helping the underdog thrive!

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