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The Underdog Project

The Underdog Project is an initiative to help dogs that were abandoned or about to be euthanized (for different reasons) to have a second chance. The goal is to rehabilitate each dog comprehensively with a plan that includes medical care, sterilization, and rehabilitation of their behavior problems through obedience training and education. All with the purpose of guaranteeing that the dog is adopted and remains with its new family. Well, where some rescuers and shelters fail is that they do not have the knowledge or resources to train the dog and rehabilitate their trauma or behavioral problems. What makes them unadaptable or that they are returned or abandoned again. Our goal is for the dog to be successful and to stay in a home where it is happy as part of that family that will give it a second chance and quality of life. The Underdog Project is part of the dog training and rehabilitation center, Casper's Camp Hope, in Gainesville Florida. Your donation will help us with all the expenses of the dogs that we help and give foster during the long and complicated process of finding a permanent home for them.  Join as a sponsor of our underdogs and be part of our team...  

Thank you a thousand for your great generosity!


Meet Olive, she is a proud member of The Underdog Project. We rescue and foster neglected dogs to give them a second chance. Olive is a black mouth cur mix she is trained and ready for adoption. She is a shy but very affectionate dog, waiting for a family that can give her a loving new home. Thank you for supporting Olive while we find the perfect match.

Olive is just one of our "underdogs"! Now rehabilitated and ready for her second chance to thrive...

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